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The Bronson changes explained

Tonight, there’s going to be an open house at Carleton University to talk about proposed changes to Bronson Ave. If you can’t come, or you want it explained in a different way, look at the diagrams below.

The problem is that cyclists choose to take a route that’s dangerous. Why? Because the alternatives are simply terrible. 

Here’s some details that I expect to see, based on my participation at a few related advisory committee meetings. The response to the situation from the city is remarkable. Read about it at my last post.

Here’s the situation for northbound bicycle traffic today:

This is the routing that people use today. This is in no way a recommendation to do this.

This is the routing that people use today. This is in no way a recommendation to do this.

This is dangerous. The facilities encourage bad behaviour.

The primary problem to deal with is how to separate cyclists from fast motor vehicles. Here’s a summary of the changes proposed:

New facilities for Bronson

New facilities for Bronson

Here’s the routing that will be proposed for cyclists:

Bronson - new routes
When? I think rolled out over the coming years.







3 responses to “The Bronson changes explained

  1. Michael S February 27, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Findlay/Holmwood is a tough squeeze. Not sure what can be fit in there if anything, although it is due for reconstruction. It might be best to channel bicycle traffic onto Findlay which can get to Percy via Craig.

    • alexthepuffin February 27, 2013 at 5:01 pm

      The problem there is that routing through Findlay brings you into a valley. Do you think cyclists use this? I don’t actually know.

      (There’s more coming up with Glebe bicycle routes, more on this later…)

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