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Roadside garbage – an international survey

Here’s a summary of roadside garbage I have noticed while biking I’m various countries:

Japan: none. Littering is shameful.
USA: beer cans, fast food wrappers
Western Canada: beer cans, shredded truck tires, Coke bottles of urine
Ontario: beer cans (king cans), Tim Hortons cups
France: crushed driverside sideview mirrors from clipping oncoming traffic and very little else
Spain: beer cans, TVs, fast food wrappers, cigarette cartons, liquor bottles, diapers, sofas, pregnancy test kits, plastic bags of unknown waste, etc.


One response to “Roadside garbage – an international survey

  1. Charles A-M September 4, 2011 at 11:55 am

    Let me add data points for Turkey: litter almost nonexistent. Despite high proportion of smokers and dense population, most use the frequent roadside cigarette disposal, or carefully put out their butts before tossing them. Result is far fewer cigarette butts on sidewalk than here in Ottawa.

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