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Day 12: A day went missing, and Elkartuna!

Arrette  to Elizonza 104km, 1340m

This is going to sound strange, but there’s a day missing in my recollection of the trip. For reasons having to do with Internet connectivity, it just isn’t possible to write this blog entries live, which is why they come in clumps. I know that when I woke up on August 28th, I was in Arrette. And on the 29th, I arrived in Elizonda, Spain. There’s a 104km between them, but I think I spread it out over two days.

I regret not having brushed up on my Basque.  It started a few days ago with a bit of Basque, but now there’s nothing but Basque for a lot of the time. This looks like no language I have ever seen.

I have no problem with minority languages, but the pure practicality of it must hurt their tourism. The map I have nicely transfers from French to Spanish when crossing the border.  The erasing of Basque signs started yesterday, but it is increasing now. And the Spanish names look nothing like the Basque, so I’m trying to navigate using place names in a different language.

More on navigating in Spain in the next entry…


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