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Day 6: An extra day in Luchon

0km biking, lots of walking

Ever wanted a vacation day from a vacation? This was it.

I caught up on the previous blogs (although this one is being written in the future from Mutrika, Spain. Internet access is spotty, and just too hard to compose entire posts from my iphone.

After that, I read a book I´d stolen from (Stolen Secrets by Alice Munro), and loitered around cafes until I got glances from the staff. There was a nap in the afternoon, then a beer to recover. And then dinner, pizza on a little terrace run by a man who immigrated here from France.

In the evening I went to go see an actually French film (Les Tuches). The premise is this: the French redneck equivalents win 100,000 Euros. It is the wife´s dream to live near Princess Stephanie, so they move to Monaco. They get bilked by a conartist and have to move back to their old life which isn´t so bad. But their 10 year old son has actually stolen the money back, ready for sequel. I understood maybe half the jokes.

To sweeten the deal, the hotel/hostel is just 19 euros a night, 18 for the second. And the owner has bike tools you can use. Le Lutin is a winner in my books.


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